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A grunt of pain escaped the Nephilim. He shivered in the stillness of the night, his injuries from his battle against Cressida still fresh. The poison had long been cleansed from his body, but it had left him feeling out of place with himself. Thane’s wings were not out at the moment—nor would they be for some time. They had been badly injured and would take quite some time before they would heal. He would miss flying…

Thane now lingered at the edge of the forest near the school. It was a quiet place and offered him long desired solitude. The graveyard had been his previous place of refuge, but Emily would find him there, and he could not face her at the moment. He needed to be alone to collect his thoughts.

Another sound of pain escaped his lips as he rested his back against a nearby tree as he caught his breath. He detested walking about like a mortal. It was slower and was quite taxing on his body… A glimmer of sweat frosted his brow as he tiredly looked up at the night sky and contemplated the solitude of slumber. But he was afraid that if he slept, he would oversleep and wake up in the wrong decade. So he would simply have to resist the urge to sleep and simply bear the pain…

Prowling through the forest intent on some thoughts roiling around in his head, until he was stopped dead in his tracks by what sounded like someone.... in pain? Taking to walking like a predator, he moves slowly through the trees until he lays eyes on Thane, groaning and gasping against a tree with his back turned. With emerald green eyes reflecting the little light, Liam clears his throat to get his ex-romantic interests attention. "What's got you all banged up, half-breed?" Well damn, he'd just been meaning to make reparations with Thane, and he opens with firing insults. Go figure.

Thane froze. His blood turned ice-cold and his face paled, eyes wide. His heart had stopped and... that voice... no. He must have still been hallucinating. He had not seen or heard from him since... Well, Thane did not want to think on it.

The Nephilim's still tense body did not budge for a long time. It was as if his body was now making up for lost time, now his heart pounding quickly and body growing from icy to hot. He shook, but he was not sure why. Probably from his injuries--or so he told himself.

Slowly, Thane turned towards where he heard the voice, only to see that he was, indeed, there. It was, without dispute, Liam. His silver eyes glanced over the dusk child. There was something... different about him.

"Liam..." he said softly.

"What hurt you, Thane." His eyes narrowed, he realized his voice sounded harsh and cold, but whatever. He would find out what had hurt Thane, then he would make his apologies and be off on his way, likely to hold a grudge against whoever had hurt
Thane, but also likely to have at least secured a mutual ignorance between him and Thane.

A soft, wry chuckle escaped the Nephilim at Liam’s demanding question. “Why would you care?” he asked softly. Although the retort seemed piercing, it was filled with a deep ruefulness. He did not like Liam seeing him thus. It was not because he felt his pride hurt or that he did not want to have the Dusk Child see him vulnerable. It was simply because… he was no sure why…

Thane attempted to stagger away from those prying eyes, but he nearly collapsed from the sudden movement. He managed to catch himself, however, using the tree to support his weight. He couldn’t look Liam in the eyes, his gaze downward. Just looking in his general direction, hearing his voice, being in his presence… it filled his chest with a deep ache.

Prowling out of the trees, he reaches out and drags his nails down Thane's back, a mix of spite and concern in his belly. Why did he care what happened to Thane? He didn't really know. His intent was on Prudence, wanted nothing else of Thane... but all the same, he did care. Coming up with an excuse, he digs his nails in slightly. "I care because I want to be the one that kills you, and you look awfully close to death.... dammit, Thane, what hurt you and when can we clear the air between us regarding what happened in the dungeons?" He couldn't manage the cold and cynical tone he wanted, his words coming out distressed and depressed. The emotion wasn't shared with his harsh, emerald eyes.

Thane tensed and he let out a sound of pain as he felt Liam's nails upon his back. Instinctively, he wanted to grab Liam by the collar of his shirt and press him against a tree. But he was too weak to do so now and... he simply did not have the will to play these games with Liam at the moment. But when Liam changed his tone and simply sputtered out the truth of what was on his mind, he simply stared at the Dusk Child, his gaze grim.

"Clear the air?" he echoed. Feeling an overwhelming surge of emotion within him that had long bee surpressed and tucked away, the Nephilim hissed, "Imbecile! You said you were in love with me. But then you--" then he stopped.

Liam's eyes.

They were emerald green. But he knew that they were not always so. Before they were a strange amber color. Thane remembered for they were the eyes that haunted his thoughts and memories...

"Your eyes..." Thane said, his tone shifted to that of concern. "Why are they different?"

Eyes narrowing to slits, Liam hisses and digs his fingers in deeper, both the irritation in him and the distress growing in equal amount. He had loved Thane and a part of him still did. In Liam's mind, however, Thane betrayed that love by pushing to.... Shaking his head, he releases Thanes back, eyeing the blood on his fingertips with a carefully crafted clinical disinterest before making eye contact with Thane. "I did love you, but you betrayed that by repeatedly pushing for what I did not want. I had never been with a man before, and wanted to have my will to myself to be with you. That is dead now, though I would be telling the greatest lie of my life if I said I didn't still care for you; and trust me, that is quite a statement for me. As for my eyes, they are as they have always been... what are you going on about?" Liam had not seen his reflection in a very long time, and so had no idea that his eyes were emerald green.

Thane hissed softly in pain at the nails upon his back. But that mattered little in comparison to the string of words that left Liam. He felt… well, it was indescribable and he did not know how to feel exactly. Liam still cared for him? But he had thought… No. Thane’s eyes narrowed slightly, but not into a frown. Instead, it was in deep contemplation and concern. Despite that, he countered, “If I recall correctly, I did not ‘push’ you repeatedly. In fact, it was you who pushed /me/ to commit a sexual act in which I was not a willing participant…”

He was very close to just letting the three of them die there than rather do what they did. But it was his feelings for Liam that made him compromise how he felt on it.

For some reason, he was unable to look at Liam after saying that. He averted his gaze and said, “Regardless, I said I would take responsibility for what happened and that still stands. I just… wanted things to be different. Our first time, I mean. After all, I had never been with a male before either. At least that I can recall.”

"That you can recall..." he mutters, looking up from his fingers to Thane's face. His voice is growing more cold and distant, and he wasn't entirely sure why. Maybe it was because he was coming to peace with Thane and what happened... Maybe it was because he felt Thane was making excuses and his 'give-a-damn' was diminishing at a rapid rate. He didn't know and wasn't looking at it for the moment. Reaching out, he wipes his fingers on Thanes face, leaving bloody trails across his cheek. "We both pushed each other. I am willing to make that compromise. You'll forgive me for not wanting to die in such a disturbing room with my then-lover and a stranger. Consider the responsibility with you. However, you being this pathetic is unacceptable, whether you're my friend or my rival. As a matter of note, I'd rather have you as a friend.... a close one. If you would trust me that much." Taking one of Thane's arms, he wraps it around his shoulders wraps an arm around his waist. "Let me help you get to the infirmary, get you patched up." Liam had forgotten Thane's mention about his eyes and was ignoring what Thane had said about wanting things to be different.

A compromise…? Thane let out a soft sigh of defeat. Very well, then. If that was how Liam wished things to be, then so be it… As for being close friends? Thane was not sure how to feel about that. A part of him did not wish to be near Liam if that was how he felt. It was much too… sad. A heavy ache filled Thane. He said nothing. Being around Liam like this was confusing. And, of course, there was Emily now…

When Liam reached to lift his arm over his shoulders to support him, Thane let out a small grunt at the dull pain this caused him. He did not forget about Liam’s eyes, however. It concerned him, especially since he seemed to genuinely be oblivious to the fact that they had changed color entirely…

Tugging on Thane's arm, willingly inducing that pain to get him along. "Come on, Thane. I'm not kidding when I say I and I alone will kill you. Until then, I'm going to do what I can to ensure you remain in one piece." After a brief silence, he rolls his shoulders and his neck, sensing a bit of Thane's misgivings about their being friends. It hurt a bit, truth be told, but he could not blame the nephilim. He was willing to compromise on this too. "If friends is too abhorrent for you, then let us be rivals. Enemies. Nemeses, even. I will be the only one allowed to take your life, and in return none shall take mine but you. It seems fitting for such a foul match as we made." Liam's hurt and dark wrath are evident in his hissing voice, looking up at Thane with a glare and his eyes briefly flashing an evil, hard shade of their normal amber before returning to an equally cold, glittering green.

Thane managed to suppress any more grunts of pain, swallowing them back and not allowing Liam the pleasure of knowing the pain he was causing him. He staggered along, using Liam for support. He was not looking Liam in the face, however, so he did not see the change of eye color.

“Oh cease your vindictive ramblings,” Thane sighed shakily. “If you truly do wish to kill me—which I highly doubt or you would have done so already—you shall have to stand in line. You are not the only one who wishes me harm, apparently…”

It seemed Thane had enemies he had not even been aware of until recently. Shadows of the past, according to the lessor spirit from his necromancy assignment…

Oh, hell no. This bastard was weak and injured, he was not going to play high and mighty like this. Removing the arm from around Thanes waist and grabbing the wrist of the arm over his shoulder, he popped his hips in front of Thanes and twisted his body, throwing Thane to the ground and straddling him. "Listen here, you half-angel prick. I am unable to effectively kill you as of yet, you know this as well as I. If you persist in being such a fucking fool, though, then I can bring you close to death." With a feral hiss, he strikes at Thane's throat with the speed of a viper, his fangs sinking in and Thane's blood squirting into his mouth. Growling low, he begins sucking the nephilim's blood.

Thane's eyes went wide with surprise when Liam suddenly threw him to the ground and pinned him there. This, of course, caused him great pain and he could not hold back a soft gasp of pain this time. It was like plummeting into a body of freezing cold water. It was startling and the pain surged throughout his entire body. But he was quick to recover. His silver eyes flashed with anger, ready to summon a black flame to strike at the dusk child. Just when he was about to do so, Liam had bitten him.

A threatening growl left Thane as he felt the intense pain of the bite and blood being drawn from his body as Liam fed from him. He clenched his jaw to keep from crying out. He tried to push Liam off but it was little use. He was powerless to Liam. And Thane was sure Liam was enjoying every moment of it.

But Thane could not stop a shaky chuckle to leave him as he sputtered, "You may as well finish me off then. Kill me, dusk child. I dare you..." And something in those silver gray eyes told Liam that he was entirely serious.

Thane's blood had an interesting flavour, not exactly what he'd expected but still a delightful taste. It helped that Thane was also dangerously weak. Hearing Thane's demand to be slain, Liam pulled away, ythrowing his head back and letting out a dark, malicious laugh to the night sky. "You wish not to be enemies, yet you loathe me. You also have no desire to be friends. What am I to do with you, my dear half-angel?" Liam felt no compassion, no remorse or longing. If Thane wanted them to be like this, then so be it. Thane would transcend past a friend or enemy... Thane would be as family in Liam's mind. And no harm adding to it to disgust the bastard. Hauling his fist back, he launches it into Thanes jaw viciously before piercing his own wrist with his fangs. Pressing the wound to Thane's lips, he smiles down at the silver-eyed nephilim as the blood dripped between his lips. "No, we are not friends, nor enemies. I'm not vampire, so my blood will not make you as me, but you will live knowing that this blackness has been in your body and you will be known to me as brother. Beyond enemy, beyond friend. Enjoy, Thane, and await the day I claim your life, as I claim the life of the rest of my siblings." Once he had bled sufficiently, he pulled his wrist away and punched Thane again and again, until he either fell unconscious or fought back.

Thane knew not what to say or do. Was Liam such a fool that he did not know what it was Thane still felt for him? The imbecile! He was feeling so much pain already, that the punch to his jaw did little to affect him; he was numb both on the inside and out. But what took him by surprise was when Liam bit himself and allowed the blood to trickle into his agape mouth. Thane coughed and sputtered, the red liquid like poison to him. "Liam--!"

The next thing he knew, Liam had proclaimed him brother and would take his life one day.

The Nephilim's eyes glazed over at the memory of a rugged nephilim with snow white hair and a malicious smile similar to that of Liam's. The other nephilim smirked and said, Your life will be mine, little brother. I own you...

Something about that awoke something within Thane. He knew not where the strength suddenly came from, but he caught one of Liam's fists before it struck his jaw. He glared up at Liam and hissed, "You still do not understand, you fool. It is true I do not wish to be friends nor enemies. Nor do I wish to be brothers. I do not loathe you. I still love you!"

And with that, he summoned a black flame from his fingertips and allowed it to ignite between them--hopefully to get the over-dramatic fool off of him.

Shifting into a great black cat and leaping backwards off of Thane, he growls low in his throat before returning to his natural shape. "You do not loathe me, yet you would seek to set me aflame? Bah, you are pitiable, to a rather amusing degree. Nevertheless, I hold no love for you, and you would best get over whatever 'love' you proclaim to have for me, you feathered twit. I wish only to kill you, nothing more nothing less. I cannot trust you, I cannot turn my back on you.... You are just as bad as my family. Or have I not told you about those bastards?" Dusting his knees off, he calls up a tendril from the ground beneath Thane, wrapping tightly around Thane's neck and constricting his throat. "Sleep now, fool. I will deliver you unto your room then be off."

Thane tried to dodge the shadowy tendril, but his injuries prevented him from moving fast enough. He gripped tightly at the tendril around his neck, his teeth barred at Liam's cold words.

"I have no room!" he sputtered, struggling to breathe as the tendrils felt as if they were constricting around him tighter and tighter. "Either finish me and be done with the deed or leave me be! You are--" but he couldn't speak another word. The tendrils blocked off his air and he could barely wheeze for want of more air. It did not take long for darkness to swallow him, falling into unconsciousness...

Liam banished the tendril as Thane fell into unconsciousness, approaching and scooping up his limp form. "I can't love you, Thane. We are far too much at odds, and I am far too.... evil, for the likes of you. Were you a full angel, doubtlessly you'd be tasked with destroying me, regardless of why I am this way. Hate me, or at least learn to, and take my life once I have slain my family. I love and trust you enough to do that." He had to give Thane credit, he'd fought against Liam's act of villainy as if he'd known it was indeed just an act. Maybe if reincarnation was real, they'd meet again and be able to love normally in another life. In this life, however, he'd chosen Thane to be the one he entrusted his demise to.

He didn't see a future after he destroyed his mother and father, his brothers and sisters. Why would he want to live after that? His community wouldn't have him, he would have no place in the human world, and he could only remain here at the school for so long. When the day came that he did finally realize his goal, he truly wanted Thane to be the one to remove his stain from this world. Until then, he would antagonize and abuse the nephilim at every turn, hopefully planting and cultivating a desire to kill him in the future.

With Thane's unconscious body in arm, he carries him to the beginner dormitory and to the top floor, finding the first empty room and speaking Thane's name to the door. As the name etched itself in and the door creaked open, Liam walked in and set Thane upon the unmade bed, closing the door and crossing to the window. Sparing one last look at Thane, he silently blows the nephilim a kiss before opening the window and shifting into a raven, soaring out into the night. A flyover of the school might settle him a bit, he thought.

OW: We Meet FireStormShadow

Well, that escalated quickly. 

Thane belongs to me
Liam belongs to CrammedHeadspace

Word count:
Thane: 1,689
Liam: 1,717

Cressida belongs to KeplerNova
Emily belongs to zstew2
Prudence belongs to CuddlyBunneh

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